AUTHORKhan, Feroz Hassan
TITLEEating Grass: The Making of the Pakistani Bomb
PUBLISHERStanford University Press
CITYStanford, CA

This book contributes new (2012) perspectives on Pakistan's acquisition of nuclear weapons. The author, a former Pakistani military officer involved in the nation’s nuclear weapons program, provides insights into the history of political, security, and economic factors that both aided and hindered the program. He cites three factors that drive nations to acquire nuclear weapons: national humiliation, international isolation, and national identity. Organized into five major sections, the book traces the development of Pakistan's nuclear program from the “Atoms for Peace” phase in the early days of the nation to the testing of five nuclear weapons in 1998. The final sections address the unraveling of the A. Q. Khan proliferation network and the future of a nuclear-armed Pakistan. The discussion is enlivened by descriptions of the personalities and organizations involved in developing the nation’s bomb, which are drawn from the author's experiences and personal interviews. The book is well documented with almost 100 pages of notes.

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