AUTHORBae, Jung-Ho / Ku, Jae H., Eds.
TITLENuclear Security 2012: Challenges of Proliferation and Implications for the Korean Peninsula
PUBLISHERKorea Institute for National Unification
CITYSeoul, South Korea
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Available online from Korea Institute for National Unification

From South Korean and U.S. contributors, this collection of papers is intended to help researchers, students, and the general public better understand the current state of the nuclear non-proliferation regime, particularly the threats posed by the nuclear programs of North Korea, Iran, and Syria, as well as non-state groups. Chapters address U.S-South Korean strategic cooperation, the evolution of U.S. nuclear strategy, the current state of the non-proliferation regime, combating North Korea’s nuclear blackmail, the strategic implications of nuclear weapons in India and Pakistan, nuclear weapons and non-state actors, challenges to non-proliferation spurred by expanding nuclear, and China’s growing nuclear power program. The text was put together by the U.S.- Korea Institute at The Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), Johns Hopkins University, in preparation for the March 2012 Nuclear Security Summit held in South Korea.

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