AUTHORFetter-Vorm, Jonathan
TITLETrinity: A Graphic History of the First Atomic Bomb
PUBLISHERFarrar Straus Giroux
CITYNew York

Using a graphic, comic book format, the author presents the history of the development of the atomic bomb and the U.S. decision to use it on Japan. The book portrays the early pre-war nuclear experiments in Europe, the massive scientific and industrial efforts that produced the first nuclear weapons, discussions involving the use of the bomb, and the consequences of the decision. Depiction of the Manhattan Project focuses on visually explicating the scientific principles behind the work at Los Alamos that culminated in the Trinity test. Through its visual elements and concise narrative, the book presents the science and people involved in the historical events and conveys the impact of the atomic bomb on the politics, environment, and ethics of the post-war world. The youth-friendly format provides a well-researched introduction to an important subject.

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