AUTHORRaviv, Dan / Melman, Yossi
TITLESpies Against Armageddon: Inside Israel's Secret Wars
CITYSea Cliff, NY
ISBN 978-0985437817

In this book, two veteran journalists detail the activities of the three components in Israel’s intelligence community: the most well-known but mysterious Mossad (international), Shin Bet (domestic), and Aman (military). In 25 short chapters that cover the period from the formation of the new nation of Israel in 1948 through 2011, the engaging narrative describes those organizations' diverse activities, which range from spying to assassinations. Of current interest are the chapters on Israeli actions to impede nuclear programs in Iran and Syria. The several chapters devoted to Lakam, the secret agency for nuclear matters, reveal the development and concealment of Israel’s nuclear weapons program at the secret desert site at Dimona. The authors also give telling insights into the relationships among the intelligence agencies of Israel and the United States.

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