AUTHOROberhansly, Curtis / Oberhansly, Diane Nelson
TITLEDownwinders: An Atomic Tale
PUBLISHERBlack Ledge Press
CITYSalt Lake City, UT

The authors weave a riveting fictional story involving the U.S. government’s attempts to cover up the effects of the fallout from above-ground explosions at the Nevada nuclear test site in the 1950s. Set in southern Utah in the 1990s, the story focuses on a rancher, his niece, and a local lawyer who are in possession, illegally, of highly classified documents concerning a murdered former test site manager. The suspense mounts as they attempt to bring the incriminating evidence to the downwinders who are in the process of suing the government for damages from the radiation due to the tests. The authors’ knowledge of historical events and legal issues pertaining to the Nevada test site enhances the quality of the narrative.

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