AUTHORBanks, John P. / Ebinger, Charles K., Eds.
TITLEBusiness and Nonproliferation: Industry's Role in Safeguarding a Nuclear Renaissance
PUBLISHERBrookings Institution Press
CITYWashington, D.C.

This book considers the relationship between expanded nuclear power and proliferation as it evaluates the results of a survey of the major players in the global civilian nuclear industry. Survey participants were asked to provide their positions on the current nuclear nonproliferation regime, the challenges posed by an expansion of nuclear power, and the role of industry in strengthening the regime. Several authors contribute to the chapters in the book's two major parts. The first section examines the pressures on the nonproliferation regime caused by a growing nuclear power industry and the associated opportunities for proliferation. Part two presents analysis of the survey, revealing that in general industry respondents did not believe that a nuclear renaissance posed a threat to the nonproliferation regime. They felt that noncompliant governments and non-state groups presented the greatest threat to the regime. The final chapter recommends increased self-regulatory approaches for the industry to combat proliferation in the midst of nuclear power expansion.

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