AUTHORDobrynin, Anatolii Fedorovich
TITLEIn Confidence: Moscow's Ambassador to America's Six Cold War Presidents, 1962-1986
CITYNew York, NY

This autobiography by Anatoly Dobrynin, Russia’s ambassador to the United States from 1962 to 1986, provides unique perspectives on the events and relationships between the superpowers during the intense years of the Cold War. The chapter describing his role in the Cuban missile crisis is of particular interest. His insights on the Strategic Arms Limitations Talks (SALT) and resulting treaties are also informative. The author offers fascinating characterizations of officials with whom he worked closely in both governments, including six U.S. presidents and their administrations as well as Soviet premiers and their subordinates. In addition to recounting his memory of events, the author makes extensive use of Soviet diplomatic archives and his own diaries.

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