AUTHORParsi, Trita
TITLEA Single Roll of the Dice: Obama's Diplomacy with Iran
PUBLISHERYale University Press
CITYNew Haven, CT

The author, founder of the National Iranian American Council in Washington, DC, focuses on the U.S. President Barack Obama administration’s response to the possible acquisition of nuclear weapons by Iran beginning in 2009. He challenges the mainstream narrative that all avenues for diplomacy have been explored and that the only options for dealing with the Iranian nuclear crisis are sanctions or military action. He contends instead that neither the U.S. nor Iran had the persistence and perseverance required for successful negotiations. Chapters analyze the Obama administration's willingness to negotiate, how the approach met with opposition from Israel, events in Iran that impeded progress in negotiations, and the U.S. absence from negociations involving a nuclear fuel-swapping arrangement brokered by Brazil and Turkey, which Iran belatedly agreed to in 2010. The author suggests that the Obama administration’s initial two-pronged policy of diplomatic engagement with the threat of sanctions was superseded by a policy of sanctions alone. He argues that President Obama abandoned the diplomatic option in response to pressure from Republicans, the Israeli lobby, and some Middle Eastern nations. Sources for the work include interviews with American, Iranian, and Israeli diplomats as well as existing official documents.

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