DIRECTORTakeda, Shinpei
TITLEHiroshima Nagasaki Download
DISTRIBUTORThird World Newsreel
RUNNING TIME73 minutes

In this artistic documentary film, two young Japanese men, former high school friends, interview atomic bomb survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on a road trip from Vancouver, Canada, to the Mexican border. The 18 interviews present the experiences and emotions of the survivors, many of whom express relief to be able to recount the stories of the bombing and its effect on their lives. The documentary provides insights into the influence of the bombings on the survivors and their families. Conversations between the two men doing the interviewing reveal the powerful impact of the accounts on their own lives as they gain insight into the consequences of the bombing on their country and its people. The film is by Shinpei Takeda, a Japanese artist based in Mexico.

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