AUTHORKelly, Cynthia C.
TITLEA Guide to the Manhattan Project in Washington State
PUBLISHERAtomic Heritage Foundation
CITYWashington, D.C.
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This concise guidebook combines history, science, and personal accounts to lead the reader on a tour of sites associated with the Manhattan Project and its legacy in the state of Washington. It begins with a brief introduction to the science of the atom and the technology of nuclear weapons, a history of the region where the Hanford Engineering Works was located, and the events leading to America’s development of the atomic bomb. The booklet then describes life in Pasco and Richlands (the two towns located near the Hanford site), the construction of the facilities to produce plutonium, and the operation of the plant. A final section contains details of other facilities in the region associated with World War II and the Cold War. Those include a naval air base, a submarine base, an anti-aircraft site, and a Japanese internment camp. The booklet contains memories of the people who lived in the area and worked on the project. Photographs, a short bibliography, and a chronology are also included.

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