CREATORAndreasen, Steven P. / Williams, Isabelle
TITLEReducing Nuclear Risks in Europe: A Framework for Action
DATE ACCESSED27 September 2017

This 2011 report is intended to support the dialogue among North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) nations and also with Russia on the nuclear weapons based in Europe. Through that dialogue, the involved countries aim to enhance the consolidation and current security of those weapons and to move towards their eventual elimination. The report features Senator Sam Nunn’s essay, The Race between Cooperation and Catastrophe, which outlines 10 steps for NATO to consider in planning for a 2012 conference. The essay is followed by nine chapters authored by international experts in military, academic, and policy arenas. The authors present their recommendations relating to key nuclear policy issues including: declaratory policy; security of tactical nuclear weapons; nuclear sharing arrangements; reassurance; conventional arms and missile defense; cooperation with Russia; and Asia’s nuclear future. Though the report addresses the importance of nuclear cooperation with Russia, it does not address the larger issue of how a more positive European role for Russia could eliminate the need for the non-strategic weapons.

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