AUTHORWilliams, Hill
TITLEMade in Hanford: The Bomb That Changed the World
PUBLISHERWashington State University Press
CITYPullman, WA

Written by a journalist from the Hanford region, this book relies mainly on personal accounts to describe the production of plutonium for nuclear weapons at Hanford Engineering Works and the impact of Hanford's activities on the environment and the world. Using accounts from personnel at Hanford as well as from those affected by the nuclear tests in the Pacific islands, the author relates the science and engineering as well as some of the consequences of plutonium production and U.S. nuclear weapons testing, from 1945 through the Cold War. Grouped in four major sections, the chapters discuss the impact of the project on the Hanford region, the scientists involved in the discovery and isolation of plutonium, the engineering that converted laboratory research into industrial production of plutonium, and the impact of nuclear testing on the people and environment of Pacific island test sites. The author's sources include the diary of Lt. Col. Franklin Matthias, first commanding officer of Hanford.

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