AUTHORMasse, Todd M.
TITLENuclear Jihad: A Clear and Present Danger?
PUBLISHERPotomac Books, Inc.
CITYDulles, Va

The author, a branch chief at the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), examines the threat of a nuclear terrorist attack by exploring the two principal views on the subject. The conventionalists think that the possibility of an attack is likely within the next five to ten years. The skeptics, while acknowledging the consequences of an attack, downplay the likelihood that a fission device will be used in the United States. After a comprehensive introduction, the early chapters chart the likely path of a terrorist to a nuclear weapon and describe the forces that influence supply and demand for fissile material. The latter chapters address means of thwarting the supply of that material and deterring its use as a terrorist weapon. Extensive notes support the text and appendices contain additional information on U.S. policy options and descriptions of the U.S. government’s nuclear terrorism programs and initiatives.

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