AUTHORRoche, Douglas
TITLEHow We Stopped Loving the Bomb: An Insider's Account of the World on the Brink of Banning Nuclear Arms
PUBLISHERJames Lorimer & Company LTD., Publishers
CITYToronto, Canada

This book uses the author's experience at the 2010 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) review conference as the focal point for presenting the case that a world without nuclear weapons is both a desirable and achievable goal. The author, a veteran Canadian parliamentarian and diplomat, has been involved in arms control issues from the Cold War period through the present (2010). The engaging account is informed by the author's personal experiences as well as the activities of diplomats, members of non-governmental organizations, and individuals toward creating a nuclear-free world. He considers the major risks that fuel the drive toward nuclear abolition – existing nuclear stockpiles, nuclear weapons proliferation, and nuclear terrorism – and proposes possible routes to a global ban on nuclear weapons. The references section contains a number of websites, films, and books on nuclear disarmament issues.

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