AUTHORWittner, Lawrence S.
TITLEConfronting the Bomb: A Short History of the World Nuclear Disarmament Movement
PUBLISHERStanford University Press
CITYStanford, CA

This work emphasizes the impact of the global nuclear disarmament movement on deterring the use of nuclear weapons since 1945. It is a summary of the author’s important trilogy, The Struggle Against the Bomb, which describes the social movement – comprised of scientists, middle range government officials, and citizens of the various countries involved – that confronted the nuclear powers and influenced official positions on nuclear weapons. The author's thesis challenges the conventional wisdom that it has been the danger posed by nuclear weapons that has deterred their use and produced an environment of nuclear security. Instead, the book's overview of the activities and accomplishments of anti-nuclear movements emphasizes the role those movements have played in preventing nuclear war, from Hiroshima to 2009.

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