CREATORSchneider, Mycle / Froggatt, Antony / Thomas, Steve
TITLEThe World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2010-2011: Nuclear Power in a Post-Fukushima World
DATE ACCESSED16 September 2017

This 2011 edition of The World Nuclear Industry Status Report, commissioned by the Worldwatch Institute, contains basic information about nuclear power plants in operation, under construction, and in planning stages throughout the world. Based on global studies, it evaluates past and current economic performance of nuclear power and compares it with leading renewable energy sources. A large section of the report is devoted to a country-by-country analysis of nuclear programs. The forward, by energy expert Amory Lovins, asserts that new nuclear builds are unnecessary and uneconomical, and the contents of the report support that assertion. Numerous tables and graphs accompany the presentation of detailed information on the current and future global reactor fleets. The report is supported by extensive endnotes. The webpage that provides access to a PDF of the full report also contains a summary of the report's findings.

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