AUTHORGutierrez, Jay M. / Polonsky, Alex S.
TITLEFundamentals of Nuclear Regulation in the United States, Second Edition
PUBLISHERMorgan, Lewis and Bockius
CITYWashington, DC
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This text addresses a broad audience of persons involved with the U.S. nuclear power industry. It provides an overview of the nuclear regulatory program and more detailed descriptions of selected regulatory issues. Chapters in the first section cover the structure and organization of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), as well as the processes involved in rulemaking, licensing, hearings, inspection, and enforcement. Issues in the second section include the regulatory roles of state and federal agencies, the nuclear fuel cycle, accident response, and the NRC’s responsibilities for medical, academic, and industrial uses of nuclear material. The authors provide a useful explanation of both the traditional reactor licensing procedure and the new (2007) combined operating license process. Several figures are included, and the glossary contains an extensive list of terms associated with nuclear regulation.

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