AUTHORL'Annunziata. Michael F.
TITLERadioactivity: Introduction and History
PUBLISHERElsevier Publishing Co.
CITYAmsterdam, Netherlands

This comprehensive introduction to radioactivity combines extensive information on the origins and properties of nuclear radiation and nuclear decay with short biographies of over 60 pioneers in nuclear science. Geared toward students and teachers of the subject, the book covers the period from Röntgen’s discovery of X-radiation in 1895 to the 1960s, when applications of nuclear energy began to benefit many areas of society including medicine, biology, agriculture, and nuclear power. Chapters describing the origins and properties of the various types of radioactivity include alpha, beta, gamma and X-rays, neutrons, cosmic, and Cherenkov radiation. A final chapter discusses radionuclide decay. A section entitled Radioactivity Hall of Fame introduces each chapter, presenting the biographies of scientists associated with the type of radiation being presented. Numerous diagrams, tables, and equations complement the lucid text. The contents highlight the important role of physics in revealing the secrets of the nucleus.

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