AUTHORMarcus, Gail H.
TITLENuclear Firsts: Milestones on the Road to Nuclear Power Development
PUBLISHERAmerican Nuclear Society
CITYLa Grange Park, IL

This book about nuclear "firsts" offers a concise, well organized history of the facilities and events that shaped the development of nuclear power. The author, a consultant to the nuclear industry, summarizes the development and application of nuclear technology from the first fission experiments in the 1940s to 2009. The book is organized chronologically into six major sections of many short chapters each. It begins with early discoveries that influenced nuclear physics in the first half of the twentieth century, continues through the start of commercial nuclear power production and growth of nuclear reactor applications, to the maturation of the nuclear industry. Each chapter presents a series of nuclear “firsts” presented in a consistent format containing a description of the reactor, facility or event, a brief overview, detailed background information, and its impact on the development of nuclear power. A final chapter addresses the current (2009) status and future of the industry. Numerous photographs and extensive chapter bibliographies add to the interest and value of the work.

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