AUTHORCleary, Richard
TITLEThe French Civilian Nuclear Industry After the Roussely Report
PERIODICAL TITLEThe Public Interest Report
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This article evaluates the 2010 Roussely Report, commissioned by France's President Nicolas Sarkozy, in order to provide an assessment of the structure and strategy of the French nuclear system. The author assesses the advantages and disadvantages should France follow the recommendations of the Roussely Report, which were increased centralization, a consolidated strategy for exporting nuclear technology in a competitive global market, and better coordination between the two major components of the French nuclear industry, Areva and Electricité de France (EDF), to promote international sales. The article first provides a brief history of the development of nuclear power in France then focuses on the French bid to provide nuclear technology and expertise to the United Arab Emirates, which was initiated by President Sarkozy during his visit there in 2008. Loss of the bid to the consortium, Korean Electric Power Corporation, precipitated the Roussely Report. The article discusses the roles of Areva, EDF, and the French government with respect to the nuclear power market, offering an insightful perspective on the management of a large global player in nuclear power.

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