CREATORFederal Emergency Management Agency
TITLEPlanning Guidance for Response to a Nuclear Detonation, Second Edition
DATE ACCESSED16 September 2017

This web-based U.S. government document addresses emergency planning for the first few days immediately following a nuclear detonation. Since the contents of the guide assume no significant Federal response for 24 to 72 hours after an event, the goal is to provide local and regional emergency planners with guidelines to minimize the loss of life from an urban nuclear detonation. It is the second edition of the document and deals with scenarios representing a range of nuclear yields, while the first edition assumed a 10 kilo-ton nuclear device detonated on the ground. Topics covered include the effects of a detonation and its impact on an urban population, a zoned approach to an event, recommendations for shelter and evacuation, initial medical care, procedures for monitoring and decontamination, ways to prepare the public for an event, and means of communicating emergency information.

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