AUTHORWarf, James C.
TITLEAll Things Nuclear, Second Edition
PUBLISHERFigueroa Press
CITYLos Angeles, CA

This work offers sweeping coverage of nuclear topics beginning with a brief history of the beginnings of nuclear physics and concluding with nuclear concerns of the post-Cold War era. Suitable for both general and academic audiences, it provides a scientific foundation for understanding a variety of nuclear issues. Introductions to radioactivity, nuclear energy, and the biological effects of radiation form the background for chapters dealing with civilian and military applications of nuclear science. Some of the major topics discussed are medical imaging, carbon-14 dating, nuclear reactors, nuclear waste, and the effects of nuclear weapons. The author is an emeritus professor of chemistry who worked on the Manhattan Project. The well-organized, 700-page book provides much interesting information and also contains some of the author’s personal reflections on the history and future of nuclear weapons.

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