AUTHORCortright, David / Väyrynen, Raimo
TITLETowards Nuclear Zero
PUBLISHERInternational Institute for Strategic Studies

This book synthesizes the deliberations of the conference “The Nonproliferation Treaty and a World Without Nuclear Weapons" by integrating the participants’ ideas with the authors’ analyses and perspectives. It deals with three primary components of nuclear disarmament: why, how, and when. Rather than being a record of conference proceedings, the book's purpose is to provide support for "a more informed and realistic assessment of achieving security without nuclear weapons" (p. 11). Clearly organized and succinct, the book offers a good overview of the complex issues associated with controlling and finally abolishing nuclear weapons. The conference upon which the book is based was held in 2009 in Helsinki, Finland; participants included former British Foreign Secretary, Margaret Beckett; Gareth Evans, former Australian Foreign Secretary; and former U.S. Secretary of Defense, William Perry, among others.

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