AUTHORBadash, Lawrence
TITLERadioactivity in America: Growth and Decay of a Science
PUBLISHERJohns Hopkins University Press
CITYBaltimore, MD

After briefly discussing the origins of radioactivity in Europe, this work elaborates on its early investigations in the United States from 1900 to 1920. Two American chemists, Bertram Boltwood and Herbert McCoy, made significant contributions that placed the U.S. in the vanguard of international efforts to explore the radioelements during those years. The book describes their work on radioactive decay schemes and chemical separations. The unraveling of the uranium-radium decays was largely an American story of solid research. The opening chapters and those addressing the medical and commercial aspects of radioactivity are written as historical narrative. Other chapters are more scientific and technical with detailed descriptions of experimental work that illuminate the steps in scientific discovery and impart a feeling for the apparatus, techniques, customs, and concepts of the day.

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