AUTHORAcosta, Tomás Diez
TITLEOctober 1962: The Missile Crisis as Seen From Cuba
CITYNew York, NY

The author, a researcher at the Institute of Cuban History, presents a Cuban perspective on the 1962 Missile Crisis. His premise is that what started the crisis was not a confrontation between the U.S. and the Soviet Union but rather the U.S. government’s focus on overthrowing the Castro regime. He contends that the will of the armed Cuban people led by Castro kept the U.S. from invading Cuba rather than the presence of Soviet missiles. The chapters describe the aftermath of the failed Bay of Pigs invasion by the U.S., the deployment of Soviet missiles on the island, and the actions of the Cuban government during the crisis. The book contains numerous photographs, and appendices include official documents of the Cuban government relating to the crisis. Extensive endnotes provide references for each chapter. While biased toward the author's particular perspective, the work makes a unique contribution to the historical discussion of the period.

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