CREATORPublic Broadcasting Service
TITLECitizen Kurchatov: Stalin's Bomb Maker
DATE ACCESSED15 November 2016

This Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) website provides a brief biography of Igor Kurchatov, the physicist who led the atomic bomb project of the former Soviet Union. In the site, Kurchatov's life is divided into the following periods: Revolution - the early years, Nuclear Secrets - scientific discoveries, A New Weapon - plans for an atomic bomb, Arzamas-16 - the Soviet bomb project begins, Atomic Powers - nuclear diplomacy, Super Bomb - the hydrogen bomb, Cold War - growing stockpiles, Good of Mankind - changing his legacy. The sections are brief but highlight Kurchatov's accomplishments in each phase of his life. The material was used in the one hour 1999 PBS film about Kurchatov. (Website archived by the Wayback Machine.)

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