CREATORLipták, Béla
TITLENuclear Plant Security and Cyber Terrorism: How to Improve Nuclear Power Plant Security
DATE PUBLISHED28 October 2008
DATE ACCESSED13 September 2017

This article presents a clear description of cyber attacks on the control systems of nuclear power plants and suggests ways to improve security. It is the first in a six-part series of short articles from, a website covering industrial process automation. Through a look at particular incidents that have occurred at nuclear power plants, the author argues for the importance of improved process control. The author considers examples of problems associated with poor design and control configurations, such as the penetration of the Davis-Besse nuclear plant (Ohio) by a computer worm which disabled the plant’s operator displays. The article outlines methods of improving cyber security for three processing operations: enrichment, power generation, and waste disposal. The website also provides a link to each of the five subsequent articles addressing fission basics, the role of process control in the future of nuclear energy, how properly designed process control systems could have prevented the accidents at Three Mile Island and Chernobyl, and process control’s role in handling nuclear waste. On the whole, the articles provide an introduction to the function of process control in the nuclear power industry.

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