AUTHORFitzpatrick, Mark, Ed.
TITLENuclear Programmes in the Middle East: In the Shadow of Iran
PUBLISHERInternational Institute for Strategic Studies

This edited volume by one of the premier strategic analysis centers focuses on reactions of Middle Eastern and North African nations to Iran's quest for sensitive nuclear technology. Incorporating commissioned contributions from recognized subject experts, it provides an analysis of civilian nuclear power programs in the region, including the political factors that are supporting those decisions. At least thirteen regional countries have recently (2008) announced new or revised plans to pursue or explore nuclear power. Individual chapters describe the nuclear programs of Egypt, the nations of the Arabian Peninsula, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Libya, Algeria, Morocco and Israel, evaluating their nuclear policies and analyzing future aspirations. Two final chapters assess the proliferation risks and present policy options for preventing an avalanche of new nuclear weapons states in the region. Detailed notes accompany each chapter, and the book contains extensive data tables, diagrams, and photographs.

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