AUTHORChoubey, Deepti
TITLEFuture Prospects for the NPT
DATE PUBLISHEDJuly/August 2010
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Available online from Arms Control Association

Written following the May 2010 international review conference of the parties to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), this article assesses progress made at the conference and proposes developments that must occur in order for the NPT to truly be a viable agreement to prevent nuclear proliferation. It reflects on the significance of the conference and the impact of U.S. President Barack Obama’s April 2009 declaration of the U.S. commitment to nonproliferation. The author argues that too much focus on the U.S. as a leader will likely hurt progress toward nonproliferation in the long run as it encourages other nuclear-weapon states to put off real action toward disarmament in favor of purely rhetorical positions. The article also stresses the need for non-nuclear nations to commit to nonproliferation and view it as a goal that would benefit all nations. Much of the article focuses on the strife in the Middle East and the role of those nations in nonproliferation efforts. The author asserts that the conditions that first led Israel to develop nuclear weapons no longer exist, and that in the new global nuclear reality, old animosities must give way to progressive communications and benchmarks to ensure global nuclear stability.

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