CREATORSeaborg, Glenn T.
TITLEEarly History of Heavy Isotope Research at Berkeley
DATE ACCESSED13 September 2017

This webpage offers access to a narrative history, written in a diary format, that details the work done by Glenn Seaborg and other nuclear scientists researching isotopes at the University of California, Berkeley, between August 1940 and April 1942. Relying on notebooks, order supply forms, submitted reports, personal memories, and other primary sources, the document provides a comprehensive view of the daily activities and achievements of the Berkeley isotope laboratories and a first-hand look at the work that went into isotope research. It describes the projects as well as the uses and implications of the team’s discoveries. The diary entry format facilitates an understanding of the intricacies of the processes, trials, and triumphs that together helped create the world’s first atomic bomb. The web version is a 159-page PDF file of the article originally published by the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory.

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