AUTHORAnderson, Kevin J. / Beason, Doug
TITLEThe Trinity Paradox
CITYNew York, NY

This novel is about the development and implications of atomic warfare in World War II. The main character is Elizabeth Devane, who works on the Manhattan Project at Los Alamos. The novel is based on her dream, 40 years later, of being back in the project and having a chance to change the course of history by sabotaging the Trinity test. The novel is well researched, although it deliberately deviates from the facts of history. For example, the main catalyst for completing the bombs is a German missile attack on New York City that releases radioactive dust and kills thousands. In addition, Albert Speer threatens to shoot Werner Heisenberg if he cannot make progress in the German atomic program. Because she is from the future, Elizabeth guides the Los Alamos program through its difficulties, for example suggesting plutonium implosion to Richard Feynman. The novel is an imaginative and well-written exploration of alternate possibilities of atomic warfare in World War II, especially in Germany.

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