CREATORFollath, Erich / Stark, Holger
TITLEThe Birth of A Bomb: A History of Iran's Nuclear Ambitions
DATE ACCESSED13 September 2017

This webpage contains an article that examines Iran's dedication to developing nuclear weapons, tracing the nation's firm commitment from Abdul Qadeer Khan’s early nuclear education in the 1970s through the atomic-fueled tensions with Israel and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in 2009. It also offers a photo gallery containing images of Iranian officials and sites and of other diplomats involved. The article emphasizes the global controversy that has arisen over Iran’s nuclear program, discussing the parties involved, the role each plays, and the reasons for their involvement. In particular, it considers motives and actions of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and IAEA Director Olli Heinonen. Much of the article focuses on the debate surrounding Iran’s nuclear program, describing international forums and meetings in which Iran’s secret nuclear program was brought to light and noting the espionage, clandestine meetings, and secret intelligence that characterize Iran’s nuclear program. The text was originally published in Der Spiegel, a German popular magazine covering current world events.

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