AUTHORKasimir Fajans
TITLERadioactivity: And the Latest Developments in the Study of Chemical Elements
PUBLISHERE.P. Dutton & Co., Inc.
CITYNew York, NY
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This 1922 book presents the most recent findings on atomic artificial decomposition and the isotopes of non-radioactive elements at the time of the book's publication. The first three chapters survey how chemical elements were examined prior to radiation’s discovery, radioactive transformations of elements, and the chemistry of radioactive elements. The next six chapters describe the applications and properties of displacement laws, disintegration series and their end-products and isotopic varieties of lead, isotopes of ordinary elements, atomic numbers of elements, atomic structure, and artificial decomposition of atoms. The book concludes by looking at the make-up of atomic nuclei, isotope properties, and a reflection on the status of knowledge in the field of radioactivity and what research remains to be done. Specific to the fourth edition are a more detailed Chapter 10 on the atomic nuclei’s constitution and the “Law of Instability,” an expanded discussion of experimental results on isotopic properties, and a refurbished terminology regarding the study of isotopes. The book includes several periodic and elemental tables, diagrams, an index of authors, and an index of subjects. The text is the fourth edition and has been translated from the original German.

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