AUTHORBlechman, Dr. Barry / Bollfrass, Alexander K., Eds.
TITLEElements of a Nuclear Disarmament Treaty
PUBLISHERThe Henry L. Stimson Center
CITYWashington, D.C.
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Available online from The Henry L. Stimson Center   (available with fee)

This volume of papers examines the technical obstacles to nuclear abolition and how those obstacles can be overcome. It seeks to inform official discussions and point the way for policy makers towards eventual nuclear disarmament. The first seven papers detail potential plans for how an international ban on nuclear weapons would be governed, verified, and enforced and how to secure the safety of civilian nuclear power plants. Additionally, those plans are informed by a look at lessons learned from how a ban on chemical weapons was implemented. The final two papers asses the risks and potential rewards that a nation attempting a nuclear breakout would face, concluding that the risks far outweigh any transient benefits a breakout would achieve. The contributors find that the biggest challenge to nuclear abolition is not the governing, verifying, or enforcing of nuclear regulatory agreements but rather the viewpoint held by key governments that nuclear weapons are necessary to national security. The volume is the culmination of the Stimson Center's series of publications in the Unblocking the Road to Zero project. It is also the basis for an interactive, online game that shows the low probability of a nation attempting a nuclear breakout in a world without nuclear weapons.

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