AUTHORPetrangeli, Gianni
TITLENuclear Safety
CITYBoston, MA
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This textbook provides a comprehensive reference for use in evaluating and managing the safety of nuclear plant facilities. It is designed for professionals in the nuclear industry and regulatory authorities as well as students, researchers, and consultants. In the first seven chapters, the book presents a history and overview of nuclear safety technology, a survey of the classification and examples of nuclear accidents, and discussion of radiation releases and their health effects. The next seven chapters investigate the general approach to plant-site complex safety, quality assurance, safety analysis and classification, and notes on plant components. The following ten chapters detail the effects of natural disasters, how to resist external impact, nuclear safety criteria and research, the effects of nuclear explosions, and information on radioactive waste and fusion safety. The last five chapters examine the safety of specific plants and other nuclear activities and address misconceptions and questions regarding nuclear safety and its limits. Appendices detail major nuclear plant accidents, calculations used throughout the text, nuclear plant design and safety criteria, as well as regulatory framework and guides.

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