AUTHORLorenz, Wojciech
TITLEPoland: Straddling the Nuclear Frontier
PERIODICAL TITLEWorld Policy Journal
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This article by a Polish journalist examines the 2009 debate surrounding the U.S. plan to install American ballistic missile defense on Polish soil, focusing on the relationship between Poland and Russia. The author provides a Polish perspective through background on Poland’s troubled past with the Soviet Union, looking at how Russia has continued to manipulate its former satellite nations into the 21st century through the leverage of its natural resources. The article also highlights the European Union (EU) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s (NATO) historical lack of adequately dealing with Russian aggression. Both of those issues are then related by the author to the debate between the U.S. President Barack Obama Administration and Poland over the proposed installation of U.S. strategic defense elements in Poland. The article explains the complications troubling the 2009 negotiations: the Polish need to upgrade its national defense, the security policies of the EU and NATO, the U.S. desire to avoid provoking Russia, and Russia’s blatant opposition and threatened response to the placement of U.S. missiles in Poland.

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