DIRECTORRichter, Robert
TITLEIncident at Browns Ferry
RUNNING TIME57 minutes
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Available online from Richter Videos   (available with fee)

This 1977 award-winning documentary film explores the issue of nuclear safety and examines the protests against nuclear energy with a focus on the 1975 fire at the Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant in Alabama. The video’s narration explains the design, mechanisms and failures of the Browns Ferry reactor, using simple animations to illustrate reactor processes and problems. The film also addresses the history of nuclear regulation in the United States, methods of safety testing in use at the time, and the controversy that surrounded the Rasmussen Report, a risk-assessment report produced for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), featuring commentary from experts on both sides of the debate. Footage of 1970s-era protests, reactors, and interviews with nuclear experts is included.

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