CREATORChernobyl Forum
TITLEChernobyl's Legacy: Health, Environmental, and Socio-Economic Impacts and Recommendations to the Governments of Belarus, the Russian Federation, and Ukraine
DATE ACCESSED11 September 2017

This paper was written to summarize the health, environmental, and socio-economic impacts of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear reactor disaster, and is a 2006 revision of that prepared for the Chernobyl Forum in 2003. The forum, comprised of several international agencies and experts, convened for the purpose of assessing and addressing lingering problems from the disaster. The report represents a "consensus view" of the eight organizations of the United Nations and of the three affected countries – Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus. Significant attention is given to health problems from the disaster, particularly an increase in thyroid cancer among those who were children at the time. The report is written in a readable question-and-answer format designed to provide comprehensive background and to recommend solutions to the effects of Chernobyl-related radiation exposure. Answers rely on statistical information from Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus through 2004, allowing the findings to represent a lengthy study of the long-term effects of radiation. The report also assesses the long-term economic impact of the disaster and overviews government assistance provided to Chernobyl victims. The report’s final segment contains recommendations to the governments of Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus on health care programs, environmental research and monitoring, and socioeconomic development initiatives.

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