CREATORSquassoni, Sharon
TITLEThe US Nuclear Industry: Current Status and Prospects Under the Obama Administration
DATE ACCESSED11 September 2017

This 2009 report examines the history of nuclear power in the United States and predicts the course it will likely take under the administration of U.S. President Barack Obama. The author details the financial cost of nuclear power and analyzes the ways in which cost may preclude or hasten the growth of the U.S. nuclear power industry. The report first considers nuclear energy initiatives of former President George W. Bush’s administration, such as the 2002 Advanced Fuel Cycle Initiative and the Energy Policy Act of 2005. It predicts that the Obama administration will provide only mild support for nuclear energy, but also notes that it is unclear whether Obama will overturn any of the programs already underway. The report finds that waste disposal and funding are major barriers to nuclear growth and suggests that the best way to promote nuclear energy will be for the industry to demonstrate that it can manage each stage of reactor construction and operation competently and efficiently. The report has a detailed, reactor-by-reactor discussion of the status of building plans, mostly as of 2009, and an extensive list of current (2009) references. Tables, diagrams, statistical information, and maps provide a clear illustration of the development of the U.S.’s nuclear power program and the direction of its future, which makes the report useful for policy makers and members of the nuclear power community.

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