CREATORBulletin of the Atomic Scientists
TITLEThe Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists Online
DATE PUBLISHED2019, frequently updated
DATE ACCESSED15 November 2016

This excellent website offers information, insight, and analysis on nuclear weapons, nuclear energy, climate change, and biosecurity. Users may access a set of the most recent articles posted through a prominently displayed topic menu. Title links are accompanied by summary sentences. Articles generally present a synthesis of the issue in question and contain internal links to the original news reports or other sources referenced. Columns, editorials, and other documents written by the publication’s contributors and other experts are featured, as well as the Bulletin’s famous "doomsday clock," which indicates how close humanity is to catastrophic destruction. If a user is registered, he or she may access the site's "premium content," such as articles from the print version of The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. The print version of the Bulletin was first published shortly after World War II, and the publication has been a leader in the discussion of nuclear issues since that time.

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