CREATORBurr, William / Wampler, Robert
TITLEThe Master of the Game: Paul H. Nitze and U.S. Cold War Strategy from Truman to Reagan
DATE PUBLISHED27 October 2004
DATE ACCESSED11 September 2017

This obituary of Paul Nitze, a central figure in United States nuclear arms policy making for nearly half a century, focuses on Nitze’s prolific career and acknowledges the many ways in which he influenced the U.S. nuclear program throughout the Cold War. The obituary portrays Nitze as a pragmatist who refused to pander to partisan debates and preferred instead to make rational decisions based upon careful analysis. It mentions several other references to Nitze, including an additional obituary, Strobe Talbot’s biography of Nitze, and Nitze’s autobiography, From Hiroshima to Glasnost. The webpage that contains the obituary is part of the U.S. National Security Archive and provides access to 11 PDF documents, which include facsimiles of memoranda, interviews, and committee minutes all highlighting Nitze’s central role in arms control agreements.

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