AUTHORMariner, Rosemary B. / Piehler, G. Kurt, Eds.
TITLEThe Atomic Bomb and American Society: New Perspectives
PUBLISHERThe University of Tennessee Press
CITYKnoxville, TN

The scholarly papers in this historical anthology grapple with the immense social mark left by the atomic bombs during the Cold War in the United States. The anthology begins with an overview of American nuclear history. The rest of the papers are divided into four categories, the first looking at the culture surrounding the creation of the bomb and the eventual reaction from scientists and women to the bombs’ use and its implications. The second category of essays deals with how the scientific community, as well as defense and government planners, advocated for containment of nuclear weapons. The profound influence nuclear weapons had on American culture is the focus of the third major section of the book, and the final portion concerns the commemoration of atomic bombs at different cites throughout the U.S., ranging from memorials to wildlife refuges. The anthology includes notes on the contributors and an annotative bibliographical essay that describes literature available on various topics addressed by the book.

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