AUTHORFort, Adrian
TITLEProf: The Life of Frederick Lindemann
PUBLISHERJonathan Cape
CITYLondon, England

This biography of Frederick Lindemann, Pay-Master General and scientific adviser to Winston Churchill during World War II, recounts Lindemann’s prolific life from his early education in Germany until his death in 1956. The book begins with Lindemann’s family background and childhood, including his 1914 move to Britain, where he taught at Oxford University. Relying on letters, memoirs, and other primary and secondary sources, the author examines several facets of Lindemann’s career and personal life, chronicling his work as a physicist, member of British Parliament, scientific adviser to Churchill, and postwar efforts to advance Britain’s nuclear program. The book examines the reasons for Lindemann’s controversial recommendation that Britain “area bomb” German civilian homes toward the end of World War II and acknowledges the consequences that arose from his decision. Some technical aspects of Lindemann’s scientific work are discussed, but the primary focus is on his political activity and the contributions he made to Britain’s efforts in World War II. The biography is supplemented by an extensive notes section and bibliography.

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