AUTHORMosey, David
TITLEReactor Accidents: Nuclear Safety and the Role of Institutional Failure
PUBLISHERNuclear Engineering International Special Publications
CITYSurrey, England

This book examines the role of institutional failure in the seven most prominent nuclear reactor accidents from 1945 to 1990 with the idea that it is possible to learn much from them. The author presents case studies on reactor failures at the NRX reactor of Canada; Windscale reactor in the UK; the United States’ Fermi 1, Stationary Low Unit 1 (SL-1) and Three Mile Island reactors; the Lucens reactor of Switzerland; and the Chernobyl reactor in Ukraine. The author then discusses common points of institutional failure, such as misallocation of resources, poor recognition of safety hazards, and failure to establish responsibility for safety. The book closes with a reflection on how such institutional failure can be prevented in the interest of reactor safety. Diagrams throughout the book help illustrate the author’s descriptions of why the various accidents transpired.

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