AUTHORTakada, Jun
TITLENuclear Hazards in the World: Field Studies on Affected Populations and Environments
CITYNew York, NY
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Available online from Google Books   (available with fee)

Intended for graduate students in environmental and nuclear science technical fields, this product of a 1995 through 2002 field study gives a focused overview of nuclear disasters and provides updated information on specific global nuclear hazards. The author begins by surveying nuclear catastrophes since the atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The book then presents a series of case studies of different nuclear calamities, such as the pollution from the Russian Mayak Plutonium Production Complex, the Semipalatinsk Nuclear Tests in Kazakhstan, the resettlement on Rongelap Island of Micronesia, the Nuclear Explosions conducted for Peaceful Purposes (U.S. and Soviet Union), Ukraine’s Chernobyl accident, and the radiation contamination from the Tokaimura Criticality Accident in Japan. The author closes the book by discussing the relationship between nuclear disasters and recovery. Photographs from the field study and graphs detailing the various accidents’ effects on surrounding populations supplement the book. Appendices include information on radiation exposure, protection from radiation, and terrorism.

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