AUTHORHerring, Horace
TITLEFrom Energy Dreams to Nuclear Nightmares: Lessons From the Anti-Nuclear Power Movement in the 1970s
PUBLISHERJon Carpenter Publishing
CITYCharlbury, UK

This readable book explains the history of and the reasons for the growth of the anti-nuclear power movement in the United Kingdom (UK) between 1955 and 1979. The book does not focus on policy; instead, it narrates the development of environmental activism, focusing on the anti-nuclear movement. The author argues that the anti-nuclear power organizations in the UK arose from a combination of long-standing public concerns regarding nuclear energy, continual protest over the building of nuclear reactors, and the actions of a small group of activists who organized and grew in strength over time. The author seeks to identify the specific elements of nuclear energy that mobilized the activists and the reasons for their protests. Early chapters provide an overview of public opinion and hopes for nuclear power. Later chapters become more specific to the anti-nuclear movement and discuss particular campaigns. A main focal point of the book is the environmental group Friends of the Earth and its efforts to constrain nuclear development in the UK.

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