AUTHORTriplett, William C., II
TITLERogue State: How a Nuclear North Korea Threatens America
PUBLISHERRegnery Publishing Inc
CITYWashington D.C

This book asserts that any solution to the threat posed by North Korea’s (DPRK) nuclear weapons capability requires recognition of the connection between China and North Korea. The author argues that North Korea operates as a puppet for Chinese interests while pursuing a rogue militaristic program of its own. The book chronicles the North Korean regime from the beginning of the Kim dynasty following World War II, underscoring the support it received from Communist China and the former Soviet Union. North Korea’s present (2004) relationship with China provides it with some political immunity regarding the various crimes and human rights abuses it commits, attests the author. He also holds that China profits from many of North Korea’s illicit activities but distances itself from such activitiesand denies knowledge and involvement. A substantial part of the book is devoted to emphasizing North Korea’s nuclear weapons capabilities and the threat they pose to the United States. The author is the former Chief Republican Counsel to the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Graphics in the appendices help illustrate connections between North Korea, Japan, Pakistan, and China.

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