CREATORAhearne, John / Ferguson, Charles D. / Cochran, Thomas B. / Jackson, Shirley Ann / Macfarlane, Allison M. / Meserve, Richard
TITLENuclear Energy Guide
DATE ACCESSED11 September 2017

This interactive guide surveys the past, present, and future of nuclear power. Through video, timelines, interactive maps and text, it explains both the risks and benefits of nuclear energy. The "expert analysis" section of the site provides useful information for the debate regarding the role of nuclear power in the global energy portfolio. Users may access 5-minute video interviews with experts on such topics as nuclear reactors and uranium enrichment, the debate over reprocessing, proliferation-resistant technologies, nuclear power and climate change, economic considerations of new reactors, and nuclear safety and security, to name a few. The site also contains an illustrated timeline for the development of nuclear power, an interactive map showing global nuclear energy capabilities, and recommended resources for further information.

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