CREATORNorris, Robert S. / Arkin, William M.
TITLENuclear Notebook
DATE PUBLISHED2019, frequently updated
DATE ACCESSED6 September 2017

This part of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists website provides access to articles in the Nuclear Notebook category, which contain periodic updates on the status of nuclear arsenals globally. Beginning in 1999, content covers the warheads and delivery systems of all nations known to have nuclear weapons, the dismantling of nuclear warheads, and plutonium inventories. Article entries are aphabetically arranged as title links, with pertinent bibligraphic information included for each item. Titles link to PDF files that are freely available. Each article contains both textual and tabular information presented in a concise format. The Nuclear Notebook series is recognized as an authoritative resource for information regarding the status of nuclear arsenals.

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