CREATORCanadian Centre for Treaty Compliance
TITLENuclear Energy Futures Project: Implications and Options for Global Governance
DATE ACCESSED6 September 2017

INACTIVE - No longer available This site summarizes the mission and findings of the Nuclear Energy Futures Project, which was completed in April 2010. It examined the implications associated with the proposed global renaissance of nuclear power, especially in areas of policy and governance. The project and associated materials and publications were commissioned by the Canadian Centre for Treaty Compliance as part of the Nuclear Energy Futures Project, which began in 2007. Topics include nuclear economics; safety and security; the status of the nuclear industry in Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States; uranium enrichment in Canada; and the proliferation potential of new nuclear programs globally. The site provides access to the project's final report, which presents recommendations for consideration by the international community. Also available are links to related news, events, and materials.

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